About Us


mission statement

To give qualitative education in the process of raising godly learners accelerated for future leadership with moral uprightness.

vision statement

To produce people equiped with knowledge and having an excellent spirit for leadership.


Discipline brings out the best in every child. We believe in the application of the right disciplinary measures in the training of the child.


We believe in raising children who believe in excellence and allowing this belief to permeate every task they undertake

our staff

Our team of Educators are experts at thier job with many years of experience and the adequate qualifications for educating children for the future. We believe in investing in a competent staff team. This is why we stand out from others. You can count on our expertise when you make the best choice for your child to be part of our school today.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say. And we strongly believe this asertion. We are passionate about instilling this value into every child.


A godly child will always stand out in life. We raise our children in the fear of God.


We admit based on the competency of the child to cope with the academic rigours of the class he/she wants to be admitted into. They are tested in Mathematics and English Language. For the Nursery school, age is a factor that determines the right class.